Thank you for the Chinese massage last night on my legs and the discovery you made. In the early hours of this morning ALL the tingling disappeared from both legs (it was just like a light switch being switched), then over the period of the rest of the night the tingling was coming and going but mainly in my left ankle and the balls of my feet and a lot milder. This is the first time in 2 years I have been tingle free in any period of time. I have done some exercises this morning and massage and will continue to do so. I feel so happy how fast my body is reacting to the treatment and how well.
Can't wait for the next session. Thanks again.

Tracey, Huddersfield

Louisa is one of the most insightful and caring acupuncturists I have ever had the good fortune to meet. She has that rare ability to truly understand your issues, to relate to you and your world with an empathy that is admirable, never dismissing the 'small things' that may be huge to you. Four years on, I am now training to be an acupuncturist and once again Louisa's wisdom and encouragement has been invaluable; she has a lovely way of getting to know the true you and her acupuncture nurtures that trueness to its full potential.

Rhiannon, Kingston

Louisa's holistic approach to acupuncture has identified and released physical/energetic blockages within my body that I wasn't even aware of. As a result, her treatment has given me the energy and confidence to set and achieve new personal and career objectives. Louisa's caring, professional manner, coupled with her great sense of humour ensures treatments are not only personally tailored and highly effective but very enjoyable - highly recommend.

Lisa, Marsden

Having never received the benefits of acupuncture before, I found Louisa after a recommendation from a friend. She quickly understood my lifestyle and aims; she worked with me to help me achieve my goals. Her sessions were often the highlight of my week where I could relax and feel the benefits of being in balance.
The impact that her work had on my life was evident to my husband who had a more happy, relaxed wife as a result! Louisa listens and is aware of your situation in a way that mainstream medicine has given up. She treats the whole person not just a symptom. We seem to have lost that and I certainly felt the benefits. So much so that our dream to conceive was fulfilled and I am expecting soon! However, the benefits of Louisa's work have changed my attitude to life and I strive for more balance.

Alison, Greetland

Originally I went to see Louisa based on recommendation. I wasn’t the average patient – I had aches and pains almost all over my body, could hardly exercise and daily functioning wasn’t easy. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and prescribed Amitryptillin, but this wasn’t a proper treatment, just a strong painkiller with a lot of side effects, so I chose not to take it. I was impressed by Louisa's thorough consultation and examination. Initially she treated my pain with local points which worked initially but then stopped working as well, so, with my agreement she started to treat me on an emotional and spiritual level as she felt that my problems were deeper rooted than just physical. Not only did she get me back on my feet, she got me back on my heels too (as it was painful to wear high heeled shoes). Also, she’s regulated my periods, controlled the bleeding and I get almost no PMT.
She also treats my mother at home, an elderly woman, who had to have pain relieving cortisone injections every three months. Since treatment she no longer needs to have injections.

Melanie, Rochdale

Having suffered recurrent shoulder and neck pain for some years, I called Louisa in the hope that acupuncture would offer me some relief.
She has a warm, extremely sensitive and insightful approach. She is very caring and an excellent, completely non-judgemental listener. At our first meeting I was amazed that I described myself as being ‘on the edge’; I had not admitted this before, even to myself.
Louisa had somehow revealed the emotional issues that were contributing to my physical symptoms.
After just a few sessions, the acupuncture has left me feeling calm, relaxed, emotionally stronger and ‘balanced’; the pain in my shoulder and neck has been reduced beyond belief. In addition, there has been a noticeable improvement in my digestive system and I am sleeping better than I have for months!
My consultations with Louisa have been extremely beneficial and I can recommend her as an excellent practitioner.

Jill, Birds Edge

I have been seeing Louisa for acupuncture treatments on a regular basis now for al most four years. I first contacted her on advice from a friend during a particularly difficult period in my life and her treatments helped to calm a number of stress related physical symptoms that had taken me by surprise.
Even when these had been cured I continued to visit her every month or two, finding that, after her treatments, I felt less run-down and had more energy to face life’s challenges. An excellent listener, Louisa is a warm and caring individual who over the years has become a friend. She takes time to understand everything affecting you in your life (rather than just your symptoms) and as a result your body and mind feel balanced and ready to enjoy life to the full.

Simone, Huddersfield

I had been suffering with a frozen shoulder for about six months, having difficulty even brushing my hair and cleaning my teeth. The only options open to me through my GP were painkillers and complete rest – I hate taking medication and I had a baby son so that wasn’t going to be an option! I ummed and ahhed about acupuncture but thought I had nothing to lose – I suppose you could say I was a little ambivalent.
Louisa was great – highly professional, clearly very experienced and got to the root of my problem very quickly. After about a few (painless) treatments my shoulder was pain free and fully mobile for the first time in ages. The referred pain in my neck and head also disappeared. I have not suffered again from any pain in my shoulder and have been able to resume all the things I had previously given up. I have since visited Louisa for numerous issues including being induced – the birth went well and I am running a marathon in the Autumn!
I am now a complete convert to acupuncture and it is my first port of call when I have a sports injury. The time spent on finding out about ‘me’ adds so much to the treatment and is in stark contrast to Western medicine and the constraints of the NHS.
I work in Mental Health and am aware of the massive impact really listening to someone can have – this is what you will get from Louisa – time, understanding and a real ‘cure’ as opposed to masking symptoms – I cannot recommend her enough.

Angela, Oldham

I was pleasantly surprised how effective acupuncture is. I suffered from a general lack of energy and motivation, felt the cold badly and had a lot of mucus. I would thoroughly recommend Louisa and acupuncture.

Tim, Honley

I would highly recommend Louisa to anyone requiring acupuncture, and if you have not tried it you must give it a go you will be amazed at the different ways it can help you. Louisa is very experienced and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease when being treated. She has helped me incredibly.

Nigel, Hampton

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for a couple of years with no success. We went through all the medical routes of investigation, with no specific reason found for why we had not conceived, we were advised our only option was IVF treatment.
The stress and anxiety of not having a beautiful baby to love and cherish was eating me up inside. I started having treatment from Louisa, and after the first session I felt a huge sense of calm and relaxation for the first time in years.
My husband noticed the change in me after a session and shortly after a couple of treatments we conceived naturally. I now have my beautiful baby boy which we have waited so long for. Without Louisa contributing to my wellbeing, I don’t think we would have our lovely son. Louisa has become a friend and I feel very safe in confiding in her and I always look forward to the next treatment.

Louise, Denby Dale

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